Millepede QuickStrip is an easy to use quick release version of the revolutionary Mille-Tie Design, made up of a chain of identical flexible cells. 

At the end is a threading tongue which can be inserted through any cell along the tail to form a closed loop. The latches flex and deform during fitting, and once fitted, looped in place
secure the tie strip. The continuum design allows this to happen anywhere along the strip, so multiple loops can be made as required, all from the same Mille-Tie QuickStrip.
Every cell also includes a special V-shaped notch for rapid removal and
reuse when necessary. Mille-Tie QuickStrip is easily pulled-free after
passing the tongue back through the same latching cell.
One Million Uses
Use around the home, garden, car or anywhere
you need to fasten, fix or hold.
UV Resistant makes the Mille-Tie QuickStrip
suitable for all weather conditions.
Undo to use again.
No Sharp Edges
Ready to use or cut there are no sharp edges to snag or injure.
Quick Fitting
Needs no orientation - works in any direction.
No Waste
Once latched - the cut off tail becomes another tie.


What the professionals think

“Not only can regular nylon cable ties be put on too tight but also they shrink over time and squeeze the cables as they dry out.”

Mark Bullivant (RCDD) – Royal Signals Regiment (MOD)

Mark Bullivant , UK