Millepede Mille - Tie Reusable tie strips

Mille-Tie is a quick-fit fastener for primary use in data cabling installations.
The 12 inch  (305mm) long strips are made from high-grade polyurethane which imparts both strength and flexibility to the product, making Mille-Ties ideal for gently securing delicate
The revolutionary design makes full use of this inherent softness by incorporating a pressure-sensitive latch. This is preset to slip if too much force is applied, and thereby
helps prevent the type of cable compression that can lead to reduced performance from
the system.
This is known as the intelligent gripsystem, and is a cabling safety feature unique to the Mille-Tie.
Additionally, the Mille-Tie strip is based on a remarkable design that allows each tie to be
used several times - so no more wasted cable tie ends!
Or alternatively, why not form Mille-Tie into a series of loops to bind multiple cable bundles,
or why not re-thread it, and leave it ready for later “quick-release”?
This patented concept makes an extremely versatile tool that can dramatically improve an
engineer’s ability to quickly and safely install cable systems. And to confirm the Mille-Tie
as the ultimate cable management solution, it’s also available in both Low Smoke Zero
Halogen and Plenum (UL1565) varieties.
• 305mm cable management strip (33 cells).
• Optimised for CAT6 and fibre optic use.
• Removable and reusable.
• Unique, versatile design.
• Reduces waste.
• Speeds installation.
• Fits wide size range
• LSOH and UL1565 (Plenum) available.
• Approved by leading datacoms companies.
Reduce Waste. Every Mille-Tie strip consists of 33 cells, any of which can be used for forming loops. By working forwards from the rear, each Mille-Tie strip can yield 3 or 4 ties with little or no waste. Multiple Binding.Mille Tie Latching Cable
Alternatively, just loop the Mille-Tie around the next bundle. This technique lets you space and segregate cables for easier identification & maintenance.
Quick Releasable.
Mille-Tie can also be re-threaded to release
the strip. Simply reinsert
the tongue and pull the
residual strip back through.
Mille-Tie can also be left
primed for quick-release by
pulling only part-way.
The soft & flexible nature
of Mille-Tie allows for
some creative cable
management, and long
bundles can easily be
contained by winding the
Mille-Tie around them.
(Tip: join strips together for
longer runs.)
Grip Vertical Cables.
Unlike cable ties or hook
& loop straps, the Mille-
Tie provides the optimum
level of grip - not too tight,
and not too loose.
No Sharp Edges.
By using only soft,
performance polymers,
Mille-Ties are far safer
than the traditional hard
nylon cable tie. Mille-Ties
are easy to cut for reuse,
and leave behind no
dangerous sharp edges
like cables ties can.


What the professionals think

“Not only can regular nylon cable ties be put on too tight but also they shrink over time and squeeze the cables as they dry out.”

Mark Bullivant (RCDD) – Royal Signals Regiment (MOD)

Mark Bullivant , UK