Millepede Mille-Tie: Heavy Duty Cable Tie

Expanding on the original Mille-Tie concept, the Heavy-Duty Mille-
offers all the same advantages, but with increased strength and
bundling capacity.
Designed for containing and supporting bulkier cables (up to 16Kg/
35lb), the Heavy-Duty Mille-Tie is the ideal choice for demanding cable
This sophisticated quick-fit fastener is available as 560mm (22”) long
strips, and can readily accommodate bundles in excess of 150mm (6”)
The ties are essentially “waste-free” - whereby any unused portions
may be used again - and are inherently soft and flexible.
They also stretch slightly to limit the binding pressure in an overtightening
situation, which greatly reduces the risk of costly cable
damage, both during installation and subsequent operation.
Behind this is the unique “Intelligent Grip System” which promotes
optimum performance on all high specification cable installations.
This novel design is also highly versatile and allows for a wide range of
cable management options. These include multiple loops, spirals, and
a quick-release configuration for easier maintenance.
Additionally, the Heavy-Duty Mille-Tie introduces fixing holes on each
cell, and is now better suited for outdoor use, being made from 2mm
thick UV-resisting polyurethane alloy.
Best suited for bulkier cable management requirements, where standard black Mille-Ties are too small.
Currently available in UV-resistant black. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cabling.
• 5 Metres (16’) of Cable Management in 560mm (22”) strips.
• 28 Latching Cells per Strip. Cut and reuse again and again.
• Ideal to contain or suspend larger or heavier cable bundles.
• Wider heavier format.
• Mounting and fixing holes on every cell.
• “All Weather” polymer.
Large Heavy Bundles.
Holds single bundles up
to 150mm (6”) diameter,
or several of smaller
size. Simply remove
& reuse the leftover
strip. (Strips can also
be joined together for
bigger applications.)
Holds Vertical Cabl es.
Grips riser bundles with
a positive gentle grip
that won’t crush the
cables or allow them to
slip. Heavy-Duty Mille-
Tie will support up to
13Kg (30lb) when using
a “secure-latch”.
Mounting Points.
Each cell on the Heavy-
Duty Mille-Tie contains
an integral 4mm (0.1”)
Fixing Hole, which
provides a fast and
effective way to hook,
screw, nail or pin the tie
in place.
Suspending Cabl es.
Use a double loop to
suspend cables up to
13Kg (30lb) or keep
bundles segregated for
easier identification and
Temp orary work.
The unique Mille-Tie
design allows easy
removal through the
use of a “quick-release”
technique. When used
in this way, the Mille-Tie
is ideal for temporary
management system
during installation.
All -Weather Design.
A custom UV and
bacterial resistant
polymer means this
Heavy-Duty Mille-
Tie is ideal for use in
almost any outdoor


What the professionals think

“The best way to manage and tie all and any plants.”

J Garlick, Rotherham UK