Mille-Rod Polymer Push Pull Rod System, the fast & economic way to fit cable

Make Your Next Wiring Job Easier with Mille-Rods!


This high quality, affordable product is the ideal wire-pulling system for the amateur and professional user alike. Mille-Rods enables the installation of wire/cable through and behind walls, under carpets and baseboards and in the ceiling. 

One of the most frustrating parts of any remodelling or electronics installation job is running the wires. You probably spend way too much time grasping for wires, bending coat hangers and having your partner shine a flashlight into the hole in the wall so you can see where the end is...and that's what led you here!

The Mille-Rod is a "push pull" rod set  that you can assemble in to lengths up to 14' (more with multiple sets). Just cut your holes, push the Mille-Rod in one hole and out the other, twist o one of the handy attachments to put your wire through, then pull.

Why Mille-Rod?

  • Safety - if you're using a hanger, or some other makeshift device that's metal you're exposing yourself to the risk of shock from live wires in the walls..or at the least of creating a spark that could result in fire. The MUCH more expensive fiberglass rods that the Pros use can shatter, have metal tips and, since they're fiberglass can leave your hands raw.
  • Convenience - The Mille-Rod sets weigh less than 1lb and come in an 18" carry tube. Have you used Fish Tape? Talk about excersize!
  • Cost - Your new Mille-Rod Polymer 7' standard set is just $19.95USD. Not only are these sets competetively priced, but they also come with 5 accessory heads at no extra charge! The 14' Set it just $29.95USD. The less convenient Pro sets are in 6' lenghts (storage?) and can be $80 or more.

 Take a few minutes and watch the videos below for an in depth demonstration and to find out what comes with the set - then order one for yourself! 2 of the videos below describe the Rods in detail. We have upgraded the standard attachments since these were shot, replacing the gender changer with a more useful Claw, pictured here:

 Mille-Rod Claw Attachment

Once you're done watching the video..just click here to buy:


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What the professionals think

“Ties everything in my garden fast easily and quickly. Amazing for Bamboo!”

M Gibson, Beford UK