Millepede cable rings - fast, releasable 

Bundling cables and wires has been a problem since the first electrical and telephone lines were laid.
You now have no need to be concerned with this very necessary operation. Millepede Cable Rings™
will increase your company’s productivity by reducing installation time, decreasing waste and eliminating
many safety hazards without disrupting the flow of energy.
The adjustable and reusable Millepede Cable Rings™ come in 4 sizes, (1/2 inch to 2 inches), as well as
specialized versions for channel struts and distribution racks.
The Millepede Cable Rings™ are adaptable to just about any cabling situation, be it installing a new
information system, wiring a building or even laying cable for a rock concert!
Millepede Cable Rings™, made of lightweight nylon, enables you to wrap your cables 3-5 times faster
than with traditional tie wraps. Millepede Cable Rings™ can be applied with one hand and is reusable.
Productivity is enhanced when you need to add another cable to the bundle as Millepede Cable Rings™
are easily unclasped without any special tools and there are no sharp edges that can cause injury.
Millepede Cable Rings™ are designed to safeguard the flow of current in computer cables, telephone
lines, fiber optics, electrical wires and industrial usage from automobiles to aircraft.


What the professionals think

“Nylon cable ties go on shrinking for at least four days after they have been put on.” 

Rob Woodford Honeywell.

Rob Woodford, Honeywell