Millepede cable rings - fast, releasable 

Bundling cables and wires has been a problem since the first electrical and telephone lines were laid.
You now have no need to be concerned with this very necessary operation. Millepede Cable Rings™
will increase your company’s productivity by reducing installation time, decreasing waste and eliminating
many safety hazards without disrupting the flow of energy.
The adjustable and reusable Millepede Cable Rings™ come in 4 sizes, (1/2 inch to 2 inches), as well as
specialized versions for channel struts and distribution racks.
The Millepede Cable Rings™ are adaptable to just about any cabling situation, be it installing a new
information system, wiring a building or even laying cable for a rock concert!
Millepede Cable Rings™, made of lightweight nylon, enables you to wrap your cables 3-5 times faster
than with traditional tie wraps. Millepede Cable Rings™ can be applied with one hand and is reusable.
Productivity is enhanced when you need to add another cable to the bundle as Millepede Cable Rings™
are easily unclasped without any special tools and there are no sharp edges that can cause injury.
Millepede Cable Rings™ are designed to safeguard the flow of current in computer cables, telephone
lines, fiber optics, electrical wires and industrial usage from automobiles to aircraft.


What the professionals think

I really Like the Mille-Rods because they are so compact and thread together easily vs. glo-sticks and they fit in the tool box! I do commercial and residential construction also, so I guarantee we will be using them on those jobs....Money Well Spent!

Thanks Again Mark!

Wyoming Electrician, USA