Millepede technology rules the waves

02 September 2010

Millepede has yet again demonstrated the lead it has in High Performance Cable Management by being specified for the new British Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers being built in the UK.

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft CarrierA special version of Millepede’s patented Mille-Tie was created for the fibre optic backbone for the British Type 45 Destroyer and the success of that project has made it the natural choice for a similar state of the art system on the new carriers.

“Our technology is so far ahead of any other cable management product available in the world it is really the only choice when it comes to the management and protection of sensitive cabling. There is nothing else that can compare.” Said Millepede’s managing director John Butterworth.

Mille-Tie on Aircraft Carriers“The Mille-Ties patented intelligent grip system physically holds cables without ever causing undue pressure or crush, even in the case of an explosion, as proved with the Type 45 destroyers system, and is unique in the world.” Mr Butterworth went on to say.

“We are proud that our technology has helped to make the systems in these new ship world leading.”

“The ability to have communication systems that can survive under extreme conditions is probably the ultimate test any cable tie or management system can have.” Mr Butterworth said.