Millepede technology rules the waves

    Millepede has yet again demonstrated the lead it has in High Performance Cable Management by being specified for the new British Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers being built in the UK.

    A special version of Millepede’s patented Mille-Tie was created for the fibre optic backbone for the British Type 45 Destroyer and the success of that project has made it the natural choice for a similar state of the art system on the new carriers.

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    Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier
  • Millepede Mille-Tie Heavy Duty

    Designed for large weight, bulkier cables or suspension areas, this super robust version of the unique Mille-Tie design has all the benefits of the original and more!

    Intelligent Grip – Pressure sensitive latching system. Grips cable but NEVER will crush, the perfect grip even in vertical applications.

    Special suspensions holes on each latch to allow screwing or nailing.

    No Waste - Every tail becomes a new tie so the most economic way to manage cable. Joint multiple ties for any length. 

     Super resistant all weather polymer that can be used out doors for 30 years or more, even underwater or in high UV areas.  

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    Millepede Mille-Tie Heavy Duty
  • Millepede Mille Rod Polymer

    Polymer Push Pull Rods

    The MUST HAVE addition to every tool set, both professional and at home

    Versatile, flexible and almost unbreakable the 14” (355mm) rods and attachments fit almost any tool box and are ideal from pulling electrical cables to retrieving lost items and cleaning drains. Plus having an amazingly low price, you will wonder how you lived without them.


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    Millepede Polymer Mille-Rod
  • Millepede Mille Tie

    Intelligent Grip – Pressure sensitive latching system

    Fastest – Safest – Most Economic way to manage Data Cable

    Mille-Ties Intelligent Grip Systems ensures optimum hold without cable pinch or crush no matter how sensitive the cable.

    Universal – makes any size of tie from ¼” (6mm) and upwards with no waste, as every cut off tail becomes a new tie.Ties can be joined to make any length.

    Safe - Not only protects cable but installer as there is never a sharp edge even after cutting.

     Available in Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH), UL1565 (Plenum) and high UV resistant versions.

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    Millepede Mille Tie
  • Millepede Cable Rings

    Fast Safe and Efficient way to confine and tidy cables

    Unique quick ratchet systems allows you to add and remove cables in seconds

    Plenum – UL 1565 compliant

    Available in four standard sizes ½” to 2” plus two sizes of Strut ready versions

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    Millepede Cable Rings
  • Millepede Mille Rod Standard

    Push Pull Rods

    Millepede Mille-Rod Range enables the installation of wire and cable over long runs and through hard to access voids and cavities.

    Cables can be installed with minimum disruption, avoiding time consuming and costly re-decoration.

     High performance GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic) with Brass ends.

    Ultra short joints for reduced snag risk

    Range of ideal attachments for most applications. 

    The essential addition to every tool set.

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    Mille Rod
  • Millepede Quickstrip

    All In One
    Tie Solution

    Mille-Tie QuickStrip is an easy to use quick release

    version of the revolutionary Mille-Tie Design, made up

    of a chain of identical flexible cells.

    One Million Uses

    Use around the home, garden, car or anywhere you need to fasten, fix or hold.
    UV Resistant makes the Mille-Tie QuickStrip suitable for all weather conditions.

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    Millepede Quickstrip

Millepede's flagship product is the Mille-Tie - a flexible, reusable, cable tie and much, much more.
Development of the Millepede concept began in 1994 when the wastefulness and rigidity of standard cable ties were recognised, and the resulting business - Millepede International Limited - listed on 28 August, 2001 as an Australian Stock Exchange company. 


What the professionals think

“Ties everything in my garden fast easily and quickly. Amazing for Bamboo!”

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